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Offering the fastest internet in St. Louis. Now with 2Gb and 5Gb speeds.


A better internet for St. Louis.

Lightning Fast

With speeds of 1000Mbps+ and incredibly low ping times, we offer the fastest internet available in St. Louis.

No hidden fees

Our residential high speed internet services are offered with no setup fees, no contracts, and no data caps.

We love happy customers

Our customer service team is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Residential Pricing

Fast or Faster?

Most popular


$ 70 /month
  • Up to 1 Gb/s upload and download speeds

  • Incredibly low ping times

  • 50x faster upload than cable

  • No annual contract

  • No data caps

2 Gigabit

$ 110 /month
  • Up to 2 Gb/s upload and download speeds

  • Incredibly low ping times

  • 100x faster upload than cable

5 Gigabit

$ 180 /month
  • Up to 5 Gb/s upload and download speeds

  • Incredibly low ping times

  • 250x faster upload than cable

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

How fast is it really?
We provide a full gigabit Ethernet connection directly to your unit. Hardwired devices will see speed test results of roughly 940Mbps upload and 940Mbps download. WiFi speeds will vary depending on the device used to access the internet.
What hardware do I need?
You will need a Gigabit WiFi router. We offer ASUS routers for purchase or rental. The purchase price is $99 and the rental price is $5 per month. You may also provide your own WiFi router
What will my real monthly cost be?
Our internet services are offered with no taxes or fees. Subscribers of our Gigabit service who do not rent a router will be billed $70 flat each month. If you elect to rent a router the cost will be $75.48 each month as the state of Missouri requires sales tax to be applied to the rental.

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